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2DaMax Marketing is a top-rated SEO company specializing in local & national search engine optimization. We specialize in helping small businesses rank on the first page of major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Whether you have one location or you serve multiple cities, we can help put your business on the map. 

Focusing on SEO is the most profitable investment that your business can make. By ranking high on search engines, you will automatically get more phone calls, website traffic, and more business. Most of our clients have seen a significant return on investment within the first year.

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    Per Month (Local)
    5 Keywords
    Website Audit
    Site Map Submission
    Analytics Setup
    Google My Business Setup
    National SEO (Add $500 mo.)
    Per Month (Local)
    10 Keywords
    Website Audit
    Site Map Submission
    Analytics Setup
    Google My Business Setup
    National SEO (Add $500 mo.)
    Per Month (Local)
    15 Keywords
    Website Audit
    Site Map Submission
    Analytics Setup
    Google My Business Setup
    National SEO (Add $500 mo.)

Don’t let your competition beat you! Climb the ranks with SEO services from 2DaMax Marketing

What SEO Services Does 2DaMax Provide?

We can help your business rank locally, in multiple cities or within multiple states in the USA. You can see what is included in our SEO Packages


Our Local SEO services are great for most small businesses looking to rank high in one to three local cities. We will help your business rank on Google’s 3 maps packs. We implement advanced SEO strategies and great content to help you climb the ranks quickly. Get more leads & customers.


Our National SEO services are perfect for businesses looking to provide services or sell products to multiple US states. Our most common clients are eCommerce stores and companies that provide services online. We will help Your business will rank for specific keywords in multiple cities in various states.

Does SEO Still Work in 2020?

We often get asked if SEO still works with helping business owners obtain customers. And we understand your concerns, with so many articles talking about SEO being dead.

Evolving SEO Strategies & TacticsThe truth is that SEO is changing and the strategies that worked a couple of years ago are no longer working today. Some of the tactics working now will most likely not work in the near future. We must now focus on user intent optimization by integrating SEO & Social Media into a holistic overall digital marketing strategy. 

At 2DaMax Marketing, we got your business covered. We are focusing on new trends and strategies to make sure that our clients stay ahead of the game. We are implementing BERT & user-focused optimization, E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness), structured data, voice search, brand building & more. 

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Why Does My Business Need SEO?

We get this question from some of our new clients so we wanted to point out a few reasons why hiring an SEO Company is a must for every business.


Online users prefer to click on organic search results vs paid ads 93 percent of the time.


Up to 88 percent of all business goes to the top 5 Google search results every day.


Organic leads are 65 percent cheaper than other digital marketing leads.

🗺️ Placing Websites On The Map

Make Your Website Visible

Having a website without search engine optimization is like advertising your business on a billboard in the middle of nowhere. No one will ever see it. We have seen beautiful websites with no traffic whatsoever. Don’t let this happen to your business. 

Nowadays, most people use the web to find services and products. If your website is not on the first page of Google, you are missing out on hundreds of leads every year. It’s time to hire a reputable SEO Agency so your website can rank high on search engines and be found by potential customers.

who can see your website in the desert billboard

❝ No website can stand without a strong backbone. 
And that backbone is technical SEO. ❞ Neil Patel, neilpatel.com 

What Makes A Great SEO Company?

The best SEO agencies actually do their client’s work in-house, specialize in white hat Google search optimization methods, and are consistently improving & developing their strategies.

We Do Not Outsource Our Work

In other words, we don’t pass the buck!
We don’t trust anyone but our team, strategies and our passion to help our clients. Unlike other SEO agencies, we do not outsource our work to third-party companies or third world countries.

Does your SEO company outsource their work to other companies?

Some SEO agencies do this in order to make money without doing much of the work themselves. But their clients always get average optimization search results due to language and cultural differences. 

We have a dedicated team of SEO experts that work out of our San Antonio, TX and Miami, FL offices. We are an SEO company that will help your business rank for the optimal keywords that your potential customers are using to search for businesses like yours. We will improve your overall online presence including social media channels.

No Outsourcing SEO

We specialize in Google Ranking

2DaMax Marketing is a U.S. Based SEO Company that develops white hat search engine optimization ranking factors that follow Google’s guidelines. Everything that we create is designed for long-lasting user intention results. Every decision that we make is made with your potential customers in mind. 

We want everyone that visits your website to have a pleasant and satisfactory experience. Our Internet Marketing Services work in sync including Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Advertising. We believe in building strong brands for a sustainable, long-term solution for your business.

Custom Built SEO Strategies

Our advanced SEO techniques are consistently improving based on new technologies, generational changes, user intentions, and Google’s ranking factors. But every SEO package is specifically developed for your business’ goals, industry, budget, brand, image, and target audience. 

Like all of our other digital marketing services, everything is built with our client’s business in mind. We will develop an SEO marketing strategy as if your business was our own. We are passionate and get super excited every time we start seeing the search engine optimization results that we get for our client’s businesses.

How Is Your Website Performing?

The 2DaMax Marketing SEO team will give run a Holistic SEO Audit of your business. You will be provided with a detailed look at your on-page, off-page, social media presence & other factors affecting your business.

2DaMax Marketing SEO Audit Report

Free SEO Audit Report

What’s Included In Our SEO Packages?


Answers to frequently asked questions

SEO Results

It can take between 3-12 months based on your existing internet marketing implementation.

How competitive is your industry?
Is your business located in a small town or large metro area where the completion is fierce?
How many citations and links does your business currently have?
How long have your business domain?
How strong is your Social Media Presence?

How soon your website ranks on the first page of Google will depend on the above scenarios and others. But 2DaMax is the best in the industry and we will get your website ranking quickly. We will go to work on the first day after signing up with our services.

We will monitor your organic search traffic and search engine rankings. You will receive monthly reports and can provide them upon request if you need one sooner.

SEO Fees & Agreements

No. We do not require SEO Contracts.

Yes, we require a setup fee that covers the implementation of analytic systems, search engine systems and other preliminary fees.

SEO Campaigns

We will do a competitive, industry, and market analysis to determine high-traffic keywords being used by your potential customers/clients. Once we have our list together, we will share them with you. You will have the final say and can add specific keywords since you know your business better than anyone. 

We will research the top 3 direct competitors ranking the highest in your town or city. Once we determine what they are doing for their SEO campaigns and will compare it to our list. We will then determine if we’re missing anything and add our own strategies and techniques to surpass their SEO efforts and rank your business on the first page and hopefully surpass them. We will also do a Social Media analysis.

Other Questions

It’s easy. Just contact us and a dedicated SEO manager will contact you to get basic information about your business. Upon your approval, we will send you an agreement so that we can get started on building your SEO campaign and implementing our strategies to get your business ranking.


Do you have a local business? Checkout out our local SEO packages to place your business on the map.

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Does your business offer services or products in multiple cities throughout the USA? 

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