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Full-Service Internet Marketing Agency

2DaMax MARKETING AGENCY specializes in providing businesses with top of the line solutions to attract more customers, convert leads, and grow their businesses.

But what is Digital Marketing exactly?
Digital marketing implements a variety of services to create a strong online digital presence for your organization. These services include SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Creation, and Email Marketing. If it sounds a bit complicated…..

You are not alone. As a leading digital marketing company in the United States, we will do our best to help you understand how these services impact small businesses like yours.

Digital marketing is necessary for business prosperity. An active, intelligent digital presence links all parts of your brand name, industry, and products or services. Online Marketing allows you to reach more consumers, remain in their context, and rise above your local competition. Through innovative website design, paid media, programs, PR, SEO, social networks, and video SEO, our digital marketing agency continues to assist small businesses in attracting and converting a larger audience.

Over 20 years of marketing and sales experience, we’ve developed a full-service digital marketing firm. We have a group of professionals that are passionate about everything they do. As a team, we understand the significance of doing our part in making sure that small businesses across America, have the tools, strategies, and methods to compete with large corporations. Small businesses are our backbone and we want to do our part by taking on clients with businesses under 200 employees.

We work with all types of industries and specific niches. Plus we offer a variety of marketing packages and prices to suit different budgets. So, whether you’re just starting out or you want to go to the next level, we got your back. Contact us today for a quick 10-15 minute call to see if your business qualifies. If 2DaMax Marketing ends up being the right fit for you, then you’ll have a business partner that will do everything within its power to ensure that your company strives in 2021 and beyond.


Want To Rank On First Page of Google?

Search Engine Optimization

Our Internet Marketing Agency specializes in ranking small businesses to help them succeed on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex and we can do the same for your business! We are continually learning and improving in order to stay on top of the game. SEO is changing in big ways in 2020 and 2021. We will make sure that you blow your competition out of the water. Why should you choose the 2DaMax Digital Marketing Agency? Because we play to Win! 

  • Schema Markups
  • Small Business SEO
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Multi-City SEO
  • Local Business SEO
  • Google My Business SEO
  • Penalty Recovery Service
  • Brand Management SEO
  • National SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
SEO Search Engine Optimization
Web Design Agency

Want A Lead Converting Machine?

Web Design & Develop

If you want a website that can do it all, then you need to work with the best digital marketing agency! We will create the perfect custom-designed website. A website that enhances your business’ brand and image while it helps you convert visitors into customers 24/7.

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Conversion Optimization
  • WordPress Websites
  • Woocommerce Websites
  • Shopify Stores
  • Business Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Dynamic Content
  • Niche-Specific Websites
  • Speed Optimization

Want To Build Your Brand?

Social Media Marketing

It is important now more than ever to develop your brand if you want your comapany to succeed in 2020 and beyond. You need a social media management company that knows how to utilize every platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin to build your image. 2DaMax Internet Marketing Agency knows how to grow small businesses by developing strong profiles and creating social engagement.

  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Social Media
  • Social Media Automation
  • Post Scheduling
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Branding
  • Content Writing Services
  • Video & Image Production
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Post Recycling
Social Media Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising through Google Adwords

Looking For Qualified Customers?

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Digital Advertising can make or break your budget. With the right campaign, you can get direct traffic to your website within 24 hours. But if it’s done wrong, you can end up flushing hundreds of dollars down the drain. Our PPC Specialist will maximize your ROI by finding the best keywords and creating optimized campaigns to increase your click-through-rate.

  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Linkedin Advertising

Digital Marketing Services

The 2DaMax Digital Marketing Agency is truly a full-service internet marketing agency that you can count on! – We can either provide a la carte services based on your needs or you can sign up for our all-in-one marketing & sales funnel system below.

Email Marketing

An Automated Email Response System was developed by pro marketers. It is the key to success. Automatically respond, send coupons & follow-ups to keep people in your Funnel.

Reputation Manager

Our Reputation Monitoring Service will notify you of any changes to any of your online business listings. Plus you have access to your very own dashboard 24/7.

Business Listings

We will manually submit your website to the most popular websites like Yelp & Manta. Plus we will get your company listed on the top 4 U.S. Aggregators.

Lead Tracking

Know where all your traffic is coming from with Call & Form Tracking. Access to your own dashboard. Listen to recordings to improve your staff’s sales calls.

Content Marketing

We will manually submit your website to the most popular websites like Yelp & Manta. Plus we will get your company listed on the top 4 U.S. Aggregators.

All-In-One Marketing

Complete Funnel Systems
Get all of the essential services that your business needs for one monthly price. You get a lead converting website, social media, ads, email marketing & more!

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Is your brand leveraging Facebook data to create revenue? We will help you maximize your ad spend by monitoring and optimizing your Facebook ads.

Google & Youtube Advertising

With paid search advertising on Google, Youtube & Bing, your organization can attract & convert customers online. We will drive ROI & scale with measurable campaigns.

Local Business SEO

We have proven strategies and tactics to help you rise above your competition whether you have a single location, multiple locations, or cities. View our upfront pricing.

National SEO

Does your company operate in multiple states of the United States? We will improve your online presence with sound and proven implementation.

What Is SEO?

Do you want to understand how SEO works and why it is so important for every business? We give you some information about Local and Nationals SEO.

WordPress Web Design

2DaMax Marketing Agency specializes in the design & development of high-performance websites created on WordPress. We can implement the best plug-ins & tools.

Woocommerce Stores

Do you have a Woocommerce store that needs a redesign? Or maybe your website needs a more complex type of shopping platform. Either way, out Woocommerce experts, can help you today.

Shopify Stores

Whether you are new to Shopify or already have an existing Shopify store and you want to stand out from your competition, we can help. Our Internet Marketing Agency provides custom-design & development.

Website Pricing

Take a look at our upfront pricing. We have packages available for every budget. All of our websites are custom-designed and come with everything that your organization needs to grow.

All-In-One Marketing Pricing

Take a look at our no-gimmicks pricing packages that will provide your company with a complete marketing and sales system to get leads & customers.

Industry Specific Marketing

We have proven strategies and tactics to help you rise above your competition whether you have a single location, multiple locations, or cities.

Automotive Marketing

The Automotive industry is changing and is now competing on Youtube and mobile devices. This new era of Automotive Internet Marketing is the reason that your business needs to build a strong omnichannel marketing plan today.

Construction Marketing

With the new evolution of marketing, it is now easier for Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, etc., to grow their brands in order to dominate their markets. We can help you do just that.

Financial Marketing

Standing out from your competition can be difficult to achieve in the financial industry. With so many related keyword searches, we can provide a comprehensive marketing strategy to get more clients.

Healthcare Marketing

Our Healthcare marketing team will provide a strategic outreach & communications plan to attract more healthcare consumers while keeping them engaged with your practice.

Home Service Providers

Are you wanting to expand your lead generation channels to get more qualified traffic? We can help you grow your base through targeted service marketing and local SEO.

Legal Marketing

We can help you reach more clients through advertising, client relations & public relations. We will help you build your brand and authority to win more clients and increase your revenue.

Real Estate Marketing

Whether you are a single real estate agent, group, or broker, we know how to take your business to another level. We can target more home buyers, sellers, or both in your city with proven online strategies.

Looking For A Complete Internet Marketing Solution?

↓ Multiple Services In One Monthly Affordable Price ↓

The All-in-One Marketing & Sales Funnel System

Our Marketing & Sales Funnels will get your website more traffic, leads & sales. Get a jump on your competition. 

Get Traffic

Reach potential customers through Digital Ads, SEO & Social Media Marketing.


Our Websites will convert your leads into customers 24/7.

Quality Leads

Convert traffic into leads with sales optimized landing pages & autoresponders.


Retargeting options to keep users coming back to your website.

Taking Small Businesses 2DaMax in 2020

 Custom Website Design
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Social Media Marketing
Digital Advertising
Auto Email Responders & more!

Everything that your business needs for as low as

Per Month

Guaranteed to get your business more traffic, leads & customers. Fast & Easy! Check out our All-In-One Systems

Not Your Average Digital Marketing Agency

Our digital marketing agency is passionate about growing small businesses. We have always and continue to strive to be the best internet marketing agency for our clients.

2damax Marketing Agency takes marketing & sales to another level to meet today’s opportunities and challenges.

  • A proven track record since 2016
  • Marketing & sales systems available
  • No long term contracts
  • We do not out-source 3rd parties
  • We serve every town and city in the USA

Internet Marketing Industries

We specialize in helping small businesses with under 200 employees to grow & prosper. And we are proud to say that we can help businesses in any type of industry. There are no limitations and we are always looking for a new challenge. With that said, we do have extensive experience with the industries below. This can help us get a business strategy up and running even faster. We already have proven tactics, keywords, specific niche directories, and more! So contact us today and we will get started today. We strive to be the best digital marketing agency in the USA.

  • Automotive Marketing
  • Construction Marketing
  • Financial Marketing
  • Home Services Marketing

  • Law & Legal Marketing
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Retail Marketing



Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you have Long-Term Contracts?

We do not have long term contracts on individual services. We don’t like getting tied into a contract so we don’t want our clients to do so either.

  • Services with no contracts
  • Website Design (one-time payment)
  • SEO Services (monthly service)
  • Email Marketing (monthly service)
  • Social Media Marketing (monthly service)
  • Digital Advertising (monthly service & set up fee may apply)
  • Design Services (one-time payment & monthly services)
  • Online Reputation (monthly service)
  • Business Listings (one-time payment)
  • Call Tracking/Recording (monthly service)
  • Content Marketing (one-time payment)
  • Marketing & Sales Funnel System (2 Options Available) 


Our Sales & Marketing Funnel Packages are priced to get your marketing plan set up quickly. We do this without huge up-front investments or costly setup fees. Your Website cost will be split into 12 monthly payments. You will have an entire team working on your behalf month after month. We will create Ad Content & A/B Ad Testing to find your ideal audience. You get email marketing auto-responders & Search Engine Optimization Services. Plus we will create some business links, Social Media, CRM, and much more!  

By the end of the 12-month term, your business will have grown exponentially. You can then choose a maintenance package that will promote consistent growth. Our maintenance packages provide the following:

  • Website Hosting
  • Online Reputation Manager
  • CRM
  • Flow Creation Software
  • New & fresh ads & offers
  • Landing pages
  • Technical support

Our internet marketing agency was designed to provide you with an all in one low-cost monthly fee. Or you can manage your Funnel System on your own and get help from our team whenever you need it. Take a look at our Pricing Packages for more details.

2DaMax Marketing builds modern & responsive websites. All our Websites provide high lead converting capabilities. They also have modern tools to provide your leads with the guidance & information needed to make a decision. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we know what each business website needs to convert your visitors into customers.

The answer is no. Not even close. Anyone with Website Design experience can build one using some type of platform like wix etc., in about 3 hours. 

But in order for your online business to be successful, you need a lead converting Website that not only looks good but acts like a Virtual Salesperson 24/7.

Building a Lead Converting Machine like the ones that we build for our clients, takes skills, time and they have to be built to be compatible with your entire Funnel System. As a top digital marketing agency, we know what it takes to build results-driven websites for your business.

2DaMax Marketing provides services to our clients from every Town or City within the 50 States of America. From California to New York, we provide all small businesses with exceptional service. We can communicate by Phone, Email, Text, Chat, or Skype Video Calls.

Ready To Invest In The Future Of Your Business?

Then it’s time to partner up with the leading internet marketing agency in the U.S. We will help you grow your business.

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